VAI is an award winning software developer and an IBM Premier Business Partner. Headquartered on Long Island, New York, VAI also has branch offices in Florida, California and Illinois. In conjunction with IBM, the company designs customer driven enterprise management software for the IBM Power Systems. These systems allow VAI to offer a cost effective business system to the midrange market. VAI's S2K Enterprise Software is used by a wide variety of companies worldwide, with a number of clients in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, food and related service industries. Advanced applications such as Warehouse, EDI, CRM and e-Business provide companies the power to leverage their information technology investment.

Since 1978, VAI's growth as a global partner continues to emerge. Our expansion into the Mid-East, Europe and the Caribbean has provided us with worldwide recognition as an industry leader for ERP solutions. For more information, please visit or call 800-824-7776.





1. "For any company, increasing its revenue by just a few percentage points a year is quite an achievement, but when profits increase 42% every year for four straight years, It’s an unheard of accomplishment. Without VAI’s S2K software, our enormous growth may not have been possible."

- Michael Clifford, VP of Finance, McClarin Plastics, Inc.


2. "With S2K Sales Force, I can equip my sales guys with improved reports for our customers that display inventory levels, history of purchasing and suggestions. Our sales force can show not only that we have these capabilities, but that we can share them and provide real value to our customers. This has helped us generate additional sales, cross-selling, and opportunities."

- Don Byerly, VP of Sales, Refrigiwear, Inc.


3.  "With S2K Analytics, we have increased awareness from a purchasing, sales and margin management perspective. If we notice a customer's volume dropping off, we can now easily determine if the problem is inventory related, usage related or perhaps a pricing issue."

-Frank Valley, CFO, Berk Enterprises