ICECORP Logistics Inc

Canadian Consumers WANT to buy from American Companies & Retailers and they spend a lot of money in store & online.  So, it will be the companies/retailers that can bill their consumers/retailers in Canadian Funds, offer free to little shipping charges and no duties/taxes that will dominate our market. IF Canada is important to your organization and you want to do more business in Canada, we can share with you some ideas and possible strategies/solutions that will enhance your results.

PRODUCTS / SERVICES: Cross Border E-commerce/Retail distribution and inventory management, customs clearance & consulting, Global freight Solutions & Trade Show Event Logistics

NDUSTRIES SERVED: Retail & Consumer, Healthcare, Fashion, Distribution, oil/gas, Aerospace

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Delonghi, Positec USA, Shoes for Crews, Primed, Jaguar Land Rover Canada, Skyservice, Akzo Coating, Kone Inc


Delonghi: ICECORP has been the perfect partner for our Canadian Operation, providing hands on service and a “can do” approach that help set them apart from other 3rd party service providers.

Unico: We have been using ICECORP for the last 5 years without any issues or problems, they are completely professional and knowledgeable with having what I feel is the #1 customer service personnel in the industry.