POOL4TOOL is the leading cloud-based All-in-One Supply Collaboration Platform for connecting business partners throughout the value chain.  More than 300 clients and 50,000 professionals use POOL4TOOL to reduce process costs by an average of over 30%.  Our modular portfolio contains solutions for over 40 processes including supplier relationship management, sourcing, supply base management, supply chain management, eCollaboration, quality control, and product costing.  POOL4TOOL is focused on global process and data harmonization, using our golden record approach which ensures source2contract and procure2pay best processes and aggregates information on a complete project or bill of material level.  POOL4TOOL provides flexible, customizable solutions that can be tailored to each customer’s unique situation, providing full ERP integration and sustainable material and process cost reduction throughout the entire supply chain.  POOL4TOOL is the solution that provides the best combination of software, industry specific expertise and services so you can optimize commodity and supplier strategies and daily supply chain processes.


Cloud Based All-in-One Supply Collaboration Platform.  Solutions include:


Manufacturing: Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Goods, Plant, Medical Devices and process manufacturing including Food, Life Sciences, etc.



Supplier Strategy

"POOL4TOOL opens new doors here for enhancing the implementation of our supplier strategies and allows us to have more control over purchasing in general." 

Hanno Höhn
Group Vice President Purchasing

Time Savings

"POOL4TOOL allows us to save time during the entire ordering process. We can now use this time for value-adding activities."

Domenico Scotto di Luzio
Food Processing
Head of Procurement
Contracting FPLC2
Bühler AG

Process Variety

"With POOL4TOOL, we can cover everything from eProcurement, to supplier management, eSourcing, eAuctioning, and cost-management."

Hannes Walter
Group Purchasing Manager
Miba Sinter Holding