Compete Consulting Group

Company Overview:

Compete Consulting Group partners with high volume parcel shippers, reducing carrier expenses between 15% - 25%.  We have the ability to benchmark carrier contracts and provide transparency into exactly what pricing concessions the carriers will approve.  Our firm is comprised of former FedEx, UPS, and DHL Pricing Analysts and Account Executives that are experts in the intricacies of carrier contracts.

We have also developed a proprietary electronic invoice auditing service and a robust reporting analytics platform that provides insight into our client’s supply chain data allowing them to increase market share and profitability.

The great part about our service is our clients do not have to change carriers and we are only compensated a percentage of the realized savings we produce.  A true win-win!



Clients Include:

Industries Served:


SKLZ: Jeff Slovak- COO

“We recently engaged Compete Consulting Group to assist us with our UPS negotiations.  We had just negotiated with UPS on our own approximately nine months earlier so we were already in a position where we had done the best we could do with the information available to us.  Compete was able to help us save an additional 17% with their access to market data and knowledge.  I would highly recommend Compete Consulting Group’s services to anyone.”

SkinMedica: Rob Sorensen- VP Operations

“Based on my previous experience, I knew that we had good rates, however I learned through Compete Consulting Group that they were not the best rates possible.  Compete Consulting had excellent information for similar sized companies and was confident that we could achieve better.  Following their directions, we were able to realize significant additional savings of over $100K annually and I whole heartedly recommend Compete Consulting Group.  Seeing is believing and my eyes have been opened.”

SERFAS: Domino Kuipers- CFO

“Our company joined Compete Consulting Group and we have been extremely pleased with the outcome.  We did not have time to track whether shipments were delivered in the time frame promised so now I am very pleased when I see credits on my FedEx or UPS bills for this reason.  The reports that I receive are very easy to read and any other reports I want are easy to generate.  Their team also helped me realize better discounts than I was being offered by the shipping companies by helping me renegotiate a better contract.  I would recommend their services as this money was being left on the table before we joined them.”