OM Partners

OM Partners is a leading provider of Supply Chain Solutions for industries including Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, CPG, Floor Covering, Paper & Packaging, Tires, Aerospace and more.

With more than 250 customers and over 625 implementations, OM Partners has established solid partnerships with customers all over the world.

With a workforce of more than 350 people in our offices in Antwerp, Atlanta, Shanghai, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Paris, Rotterdam, Cologne and London, the company is a top player in the supply chain planning market.

OM Partners’ software suite OMP Plus is integrated for all planning levels, from strategic to operational. OMP Plus is designed to reduce logistics and manufacturing costs, reduce throughput times and increase reliability of deliveries and customer satisfaction. The innovative architecture of OMP Plus enables balancing end-to-end optimization and agile response planning embedded in S&OP, Distribution & Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling.


OMP Plus Network Design
OMP Plus Sales & Operations Planning
OMP Plus Response Planning
OMP Plus Master Planning & Detailed Scheduling
OMP Plus Forecasting
OMP Plus Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization
OMP Plus ATP/CTP Order Promising
OMP Plus Allocation
OMP Plus Distribution Requirement Planning
Supply Chain Strategy Advisory Services


Life Sciences/Pharmaceuticals
Oil and Gas
Consumer Products
Floor Covering
Mill Products
Corrugated and Solid Board
Paper and Plastics
Food and Beverage


Johnson & Johnson
Procter and Gamble
Eastman Chemical Company
Land O’ Lakes
Smurfit Kappa
Shaw Industries


Aaron Weis, Vice President & Chief Information Officer at Axalta Coating Systems, states: “The Axalta and our OM Partners teams performed a fantastic job in an extremely short timeframe. With OMP Plus, we jumped to the next generation of end-to-end planning and scheduling solutions. We managed to reach significant inventory reductions and shortened frozen horizons while improving service levels.”

Amir Reichman, Head of Resource Planning and Strategy for GSK Vaccines, states: “The introduction of OMP Plus drastically reduced the time it takes us to generate a plan, increased our ability to rapidly respond to changes in inputs, generate and discuss scenarios and allowed us to ensure an optimized plan is created.”

Ralph Beaujard, Director of the upstream transformation program at Michelin states: "We are building, with OMP Plus, a global platform to ensure true collaboration of all participants in the Upstream Supply Chain, allowing more agility to respond to changing situations. With OMP Plus we aim to achieve significant improvement in our global end-to-end visibility and our operational planning and scheduling."