Kenandy is empowering business innovation with ERP. Built on the Salesforce  App Cloud, Kenandy has redefined enterprise resource planning by allowing companies to map their business processes and implement customized applications remarkably fast. 

With the automation of operational systems including global financials, procure-to-pay, planning and production, quote-to-cash and trade promotion management, Kenandy customers have the freedom to focus on driving innovation and growth. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @Kenandy.


Manufacturing, Distribution, Consumer Packaged Goods, Medical Devices


Kenandy is a full function Cloud ERP solution built on the Salesforce App Cloud.
Kenandy supports the mission critical operational processes of a company, including:

- Quote-to-Cash
- Financials
- Manufacturing
- Supply Chain Management


- 3 Sigma Corporation
- Merrow Sewing Machine Company
- ChicoBag
- CivicSolar
- Monarch Materials Group
- Philips
- Blue Clover Devices
- Natural Balance Pet Foods
- Scott Fetzer Electrical Group
- Stratus Venture Group


“Kenandy is like Legos whereas the traditional ERP systems are more like a stack of lumber and blueprints.”

- Pete Staples, President & Co-founder, Blue Clover Devices

“We’re driven by our confidence in Kenandy…It really is transformative software.”

- Charlie Merrow, CEO, Merrow Sewing Machine Company

"Before Kenandy, none of this was even possible. We were using a variety of tools — spreadsheets, databases, pencil and paper — and we still couldn't come close to having the kind of information that's now instantly, and accurately, at our fingertips."

- Tony Rowley, 3Sigma Corporation